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What should you consider when customizing your Tours and Safaris?


There are a number of key things that you need to consider as you start to design the ideal tour. We have compiled a list of sample questions that should help you in your planning. 

1. What would make this life experience memorable? 

It starts by considering your past travel experiences! What elements of your previous journeys have you loved? What are the “non-negotiables” for you or your group?

2. What would you want to see or do ?

You may be thinking that “wildlife game drives” is the obvious choice, but Africa has more to offer than just big animals. Are you a bird lover? Perhaps you want to spend more time around the lakes spotting the beautiful birds. Do you want to hike Mountains? Perhaps you would love to connect to a network of frequent travelers. As you custom design your safari, make sure you know what you really want to accomplish. 

3. How long to do you have to travel?

Are you limited by your vacation time? As you customized your trip, you need to think through how much time you want to devote to traveling. Most people spend from 1 week to 2 weeks exploring all that Kenya has to offer. 

4. What type of budget do you have?

As you develop your private tour, you will need to establish a sample budget for your group. Are you looking for something in the 5 star luxury or do you prefer the more economical tour?

5. Do you want to experience the eco-friendly conservancies?

Experience the amazing game viewing of the conservancies. These dedicated plots of land are controlled with eco-friendly standard to maintain the environment and animals. Each conservancy has a few tented camps that offer authentic stays on your Authentic Safari.

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