+254 733 889 577 tours@hikenpic.com
+254 733 889 577 tours@hikenpic.com


Dear Traveler,

We are inspired by your curiosity to co-create and willingness to engage with us; Here is a fun fact for you: Did you know Hike N pic Tours and Safaris dream was first actualized on 2nd July 2007?

Just like the African Diamonds that come into fruition and excellence by the immense pressure, so was our light and vision; We like to have fun, reflect, connect and capture the precious memories in life because we believe that will align with our collective Passion and Purpose.

Hike ā€˜Nā€™ Pic Tours and Safaris ltd is an organization based in Country Code: 254 Nairobi, Kenya. A tour operating company with a young and wise community inspired and hosted by Mama Africa.

Mama Africa teaches and inspires us to harness a team of well-informed professional consultants who have the expertise in tour operations globally. To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and in so doing maintain and improve our prominence as a premier provider of travel needs.

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