Murchinson Falls park

The largest park in Uganda covering on area of over 3,840 sq kms, Murchinson Falls park is also one of the most famous for its scenic beauty, magnificent falls and high concentration of game. It is situated approximately 350 kms north west of Kampala.

The mighty Nile river divides the park into the north and south sections with the spectacular Murchinson Falls dropping some 40 meters through a narrow crevice. The river attract large numbers of game, and a boat ride up the river provides the perfect opportunity to see and photograph the animals. Wildlife viewed in this park include elephant, giraffe, hippo, lion, leopard, buffalo, Nile crocodile, monkeys, and over 450 species of birds. including the magnificent shoebill stork.

There are plenty of activities in the park including river trips. game drives, forest walks, fishing and bird watching.

The park has two light aircraft airstrips operating air charter services from Kampala.


There are several lodges within the park and camping is available at the top of the falls but visitors must bring their own camping equipment.